Thursday, April 29, 2010

Somebody Ate My Porridge

For the past nine years or so my husband has had three nights a week to himself once the children were all tucked into bed; He could video game, read, or watch movies to his heart's content. Secretly I was always a little envious - I mean, with five kids can you imagine reaching that beautiful point in the day where everything just rests - including your spouse's music, TV, and video games?

(Oh, did I just say that?)

I have always found delight in completely sprawling out over our queen bed without constraint.

Have I ever mentioned that the simple fact that we own a queen bed is proof to me that we never intended on having a big family?  Have you ever tried fitting seven people into a queen bed first thing in the morning? 

I'm just not a good sharer that way; I am pretty sure that when a I go to bed I'm at least seven inches taller and grow a couple of extra arms and legs; I just need the whole thing, thank you very much.

That is why...WAIT FOR IT...

That is why, when my husband got called in to WORK the night shift last night and tonight, I was so excited to have the place to myself. Oh, the things I could do! The beautiful silence of it all.

I was going to tidy the house, and complete a craft, and read blogs, and stare at the wall in silence (Chirp.Chirp) until I grew tired. And then I was going crawl into bed and drool on my husband's pillow.

Yep, that is what I was going to do.

That is until my two year-old decided to cry for two hours because his nose was stuffy, which sent his older sisters into hysterics because they could not get to sleep with him crying, which woke the baby up.

Oh, well.

Once apartment-you-can-no-longer-tidy-your-house-without-bothering-your-neighbors time came (without me having actually tidied my house) my kids had settled down and I at least still had the absence of sound, and leg room.

I climbed the stairs with my lovely lap-top and rejoiced at the prospects, only to spy the stuffy nosed boy peacefully snoring SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF MY BED!!!

Guess I am not the only one who grows extra appendages and likes to sprawl.

Oh well, at least my husband has a job.

Wonder if maybe he could pick up an extra shift tomorrow night?

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