Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coming Clean

Sometimes I hesitate to have people over. There is never not something to be done in our home with five kiddos and two adults living here all day, and I find that my to-do list, more often than not, makes for a very convenient excuse not to invite people in. Things are never just the way I think that they should be.

So far, I have been the same way with my blog.

Endlessly rearranging, adjusting, and looking under the furniture for dust bunnies and Legos before wanting to say, 'Hello, come on in. Let's hang out!'

I can go along re-arranging the furniture too, folks, but I have decided that enough is enough. Even though things are not exactly where I want them to be, it is time to start connecting.

So here it is, my official welcoming.

Please, come in. Would you like something to drink? An extra pillow for your feet?

Don't mind the the piles...
What? You have piles too?

Why, I can already tell that we are going to be friends.


  1. I say, I don't go to people's homes to visit there stuff I go to visit the people. Love yout blog.kathlyne Stokes PS you can come visit my piles if u like :)



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