Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moving Brings Out The Mess

It is moving week and I must say that my excitement and gratitude for being given this opportunity just keeps growing and growing. A few days ago we were given the keys and our first chance at seeing the new (to us) house empty. It wasn't until I got back to our duplex and was trying to serve my children breakfast that I realized how tight our quarters have been.

We certainly have done fine where we are, but guys, there will be room for more than two people at a time in this new kitchen, and over this fact, I can barely contain myself!

As for the process itself? Well...meh.

It certainly is not my favorite.

Okay, I don't really like it at all, but I get it.

I recognize that the part of me that has been hesitant to do all this again, protests because moving brings out all of life's messes.

Just like with the all the unnecessary and unlovely items I have accumulated, moving, for me, takes the things in my spirit that have settled and perhaps even been hidden, and exposes them.

Maybe that is one of the reasons why God has kept us moving so much the past couple years; perhaps it was an uncomfortable grace to keep things stirred up enough for us to see that some things in our lives just need to be let go of.

I am thankful for a kitchen that I can turn around in, and for a lovely yard, and for good people in my life.

Mostly though, my heart just wants to wrap itself around the lesson:

Hold tight to the important things and release the rest.

I am thankful to be starting new again.

Pictures soon and a job update is in the works.

Hope all is well with you, friends.

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