Friday, July 6, 2012

The Blog Post That Won't Change Your Soul One Bit

I am participating in Seven Quick Takes and InstaFriday this week because:

1. I told myself that it was okay if I did not write for a few days since I was making some changes to my blog layout (which IS progress and counts for something, I says to myself ) but then when I wanted to switch gears, I discovered that those gears were all rusty and felt painful, just like like it does when you have been going all-day-long and make the mistake of sitting down on the floor with the kids and you realize, as you are trying to get up, that you are old stuck and probably would have been better off if you had never sat down.

{Note to self: No more sitting down on the blog.}

So yes, these two memes are like oil for my writing soul.

Moving on...

2. I signed up for Twitter (because I hear that is what you are suppose to do when you have a blog) but I am not sure that I like it. It makes me feel like I did when I first went to Mexico years ago and people would try to speak to me before lunch-time, or when I did not have my contacts in.

I am pretty sure that I am not awake yet and am missing all sorts of clues that are obvious to everyone else, but I am going to give it some time and maybe it will grow on me.

In non-computer related news it was a pretty fully-lived week around here once I was able to surrender some job-related/financial anxiety stuff over to God.

3. We celebrated my husband who turned a year older on the 2nd of July!

(See how I deliberately skirted your age, Dear?)

 Even his lunch-break fortune cookie seemed to acknowledge the event with words of encouragement:

"Age is a matter of feeling. Not Years"

Well played, Fortune Cookie. How did you know that it was both his Birthday and that he has been hobbling around from back pain and sunburn? You are witty, and I like you.

4. We also celebrated my Mom's Birthday on the Fourth of July and the entire nation had a party for her!

5. We invited her to our town's pet-parade where my children pulled their pet rats in a wagon and listened to people excitedly exclaim that they had a baby porcupine when, in fact, what they were really looking at was Kurby and Daila's toy bristle ball.

What they don't know, right?

While there, we also marveled at the annual display of Flying Dog and not many people can say that they have seen a pooch doggy- paddling while wearing goggles and suspended mid-air.

Well, not many people who live outside of Bend, anyway…

6. After the festivities my kiddos got to go swimming (and enthusiastically pose for their mother- they do look enthusiastic, don't they?) for the first time this year.

Last year we went to the public pool on the Fourth of July and found that it was so abandoned that you could actually swim, so we are making it a tradition.

7. We ended our day at home with a family BBQ and it was splendid.

Our neighbors' parents gave us that glorious steak that you see pictured above (THANK YOU!!) and another sweet gentleman next door invited us to sit in his backyard; the only view of our town's fireworks in the neighborhood, I am told.

Neither my husband or I had to cook and our kiddos repeatedly told us that they did not ever want the day to end, which is pretty good indication that something was going right and they would be storing  the day somewhere in their childhood memory-bank to pull out at a later date.

How about you? What kind of memories did you tuck away this week?

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