Friday, August 24, 2012

Why Homeschooling Was Not For Me

She was one of my best friends but what I was hearing her say in that moment had me convinced that that she might be a bit crazy.

WHY would anyone ever consider homeschooling?!

I looked over at the guy that I would someday marry and felt reassured to see that he was shaking his head in agreement, oblivious to the fact that maybe that was only because he liked me and I had not yet said 'Yes'.

In my twenty-two years of living I had knowingly met only two home-schoolers. The first was while I was in high school and the second was just weeks before this conversation took place.

I did not know the first girl well, but she seemed both nice and normal enough. What I simply could not comprehend was the fact that I had asked her where she went to school and she had said that she didn't

How can you just not go to school?

I had never even heard of such a thing.

My second introduction to this seemingly rare species was in the girls' group that I lead at church, and as awful as it sounds, when this young lady spoke in group, knowing glances were exchanged between the leaders, as if to say 'Well, she is home-schooled, after all…'

She too was nice enough, but the fact that she knew that she knew everything was hard to get over. I desperately wanted her to see that there was value in what the other girls shared too; that she might learn something if she gave fewer answers and asked more questions.

Then there was the simple fact that homeschooling felt a bit like hiding, which seemed inconsistent with loving your neighbors and seeking the good of your community. I had always seen love best played out when it had feet on; when it was lived beside others in the day-ins and day-outs of ordinary life.

There was a disconnect and I saw no reconciliation.

It was easy to settle with the fact my good friend probably was losing her mind because she was still just so very much, adorably, her. And heck...we didn't even have kids yet and so, you know... maybe she would come around.

The one thing that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Homeschooling was ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, not for me.

Ever find yourself embracing something you declared that you would never do? I seem to do it often. Keep checking back to see what made me decide that maybe my friend wasn't so strange, after all.

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