Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Place For Everything

I have never really considered myself to be that great at packing. I was okay at it in college when the sum of my life's stuff, including my cat, fit easily in to the back of my Ford Escort, but once I started adding other people and their things to the mix, it was sort of over for me.

I suspected that I might be headed this direction the moment that my soon-to-be-husband's mother and grandmother disappeared into a tiny shed behind his grandparent's house, only to return with a trunk, stack of boxes, and a look of glee in their eyes; apparently they had been toting his things around while he was in college and now they were free!

I could be wrong, but it was as if they had been planning this exchange for years.

Here, you take our boy, and we'll throw in the rest!

The minute that the 'one of him' and the 'one of me' became the 'two of us' I knew with certainty that my skills were lacking. With time and moves and each delivery of pink or blue, the issue only compounded: baby stuff, homeschooling and craft supplies, junk drawers hurriedly thrown into boxes from one residence and meant to be gone through once we got settled into another, a husband who owns magazines with issue dates from the early 90's.

It's the kind of stuff that sneaks up on you and my attitude is often one of, I would rather not own it or bring it with me than have to find a place for something.

Unfortunately, it does not work quite that way when it's not only your stuff that you are accounting for, and you have to play nice.

Often, life and time can be the same kind of where-the-heck-did-that-come-from sly, and it can be just as difficult to know how to manage it all.

This is where my family and I have been since my last post.

We are working on having a proverbial 'place for every and everything in its place', but as I have said before, I'm not always that good at packing it all in, and really, some things truly are meant to be let go of.

Thank you to the people that have contacted me this week to ask me where I have been--Why have I not been writing? 

Sweetest thing ever and so encouraging!

I just wanted to officially say that, as I go through the piles that have been my days, writing is on the 'keep' list.

Life has just been flying at us faster than junk mail accumulating on a counter top, and I have been having to take my time sorting through it all.

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