Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Chicken Pox and Lists and Zombies

I'm leaving for Allume in less than 48 hours and I think that I have too many things to do before I go to know how I feel about it.

Excited? Absolutely!

Deer in head lights? That too.

Something about my youngest coming down with chicken pox two days ago, needing to make sure my husband doesn't inadvertently starve our offspring while I am away, and still needing to create Halloween costumes for kids, who may very well actually miss trick-or-treating this year (I have not even suggested this possibility to them yet--shhh!), has me lumbering around looking for a brain (My brain? Anyones's brain?)... not entirely unlike a zombie.

My husband has recommended that I make a list to help sort it all out.

I think that it is a fare suggestion, but I think he might be a bit disappointed in my interpretation:

10 Things That My Allume Roommates Should Know About Me, anyone?

1. I can sleep almost anywhere. It is a gift that has come from working night shifts at an addiction treatment center for the past twelve years... and from having babies.

2. Though I can sleep almost anywhere, I may attempt to have conversations with you while I am out.

If I ask you a question but am unable to carry it beyond that when you reply, I have not just snubbed you. More than likely, I think that I am talking to one of my children who needs tucking in, or to an adolescent who is convinced that they need a cigarette.

3. I chew ice. A lot of it. I'm going to try and not be that irritating cruncher while I am there, but I also know that I might get antsy because of it. For some reason ice calms me. If I do get this way, feel free to direct me to the nearest stairwell ice machine.

4. Alia, this is for you. I sleep diagonally- roll me over if you need to. We're old friends.

5. I don't like coffee but I do enjoy the conversation that goes with it. I'd be happy for an invite, and I would likely be a great listener, because odds are, I'll have ice in my mouth.

6. I'm afraid that the time zone change is going to mess with me something fierce.

7. I'm an introvert that plays the roll of extrovert well. I will need a little re-charging, but then will push on because I know what a gift being there is.

Family, you however, may have to scoop me off the floor when I get home.

8. Dracula teeth. My kids are convinced that I am heading to Transylvania, not Pennsylvania, and I do not want to disappoint them. There will likely be lots of photo-ops involving vampire teeth…just so you know.

9. I'm easily distracted. Just like Doug from the movie, Up…love that movie.

10. I am sincerely glad that I will get the opportunity to room with you. This is going to be fun!

Okay,  better get started on my real to-do-list.


1 comment:

  1. Squirrel! I'm like that right now, too. What a fun group in your room. If you hear a random knock it may be me. 3 days from now we'll be dining and crunching ice together in Transylvania. :)



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