Monday, November 26, 2012

Awkward Small Talk

I had something different planned for my Monday post, but a very peculiar overnight shift at work has thwarted my best intentions. I love my job and the young people that I get to work with, but sometimes I leave for home shaking my head pretty fervently. If it seems that I have a few screws that need tightening today, at least you know why.

I am totally going to take the easy route, too. A little awkward small talk completely centered around me, anyone? I'm such a good friend.

I should also note that my traveling buddy, Alia is providing me with the inspiration here.

You did not expect me to do all the work, did you?

That is also indicative of  the kind of friend I am.

Ahem...moving on.

20 Things You Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Me
(if I make it that far)

1. My husband and I met and were engaged rather quickly. On the night that he worked up the nerve to tell me that he liked me, we were seated on the couch together, my head on a pillow between us. As the story goes, he picked just the right pause in the movie that we were watching, to grab my hand and pour his heart out...I would not know though, because I had fallen asleep.

2. I'm not a big fan of Christmas, but I am trying to be. As an adult, my default mode has sort of been Scrooge, so I have to work at it for my kids.  I mean, truly, who wants a man named Ebinezer for a mom?

3. I am trying to come up with a plan this year to actually enjoy the season. Odds are, it will involve copious amounts of Christmas cookies, because I AM a fan of those!

4. I had a friend, growing up, whose mom made the-best-holiday-cookies-ever. Year after year, without fail, she'd invite me over to cut and frost and eat them. I blame her for my current addiction that is never satisfied (because no other cookie is her cookie), and for the fact that my pants may no longer fit come January.

5. While we are on the subject of gorging ourselves, you may as well also know that it is lunch time and I am experiencing a strong urge to eat Chan's, or New York Sub Shop, or Red Robin.

6. Oddly enough, I am not feeling the same way about the food in my cupboard.

7. I am happy to have food in my cupboard.

8. My boys went back to school today after being down with chicken pox for a week, four days of school, and then nine days off for Thanksgiving. I realized, while they were here, that I still like it best when we are all together. I think my youngest is only tolerating school, but not really loving it. He seemed less stressed and nicer to be around after a few days of  vacation. I do not know exactly what this means, but I do know that I am looking forward to them having 14 days off in December/January.

9. Similar to this, I am not really digging how our being down to one vehicle right now chops into our time. I am SO operating Mom's Taxi. Chop.Chop.Chop.

10. I am named after a little girl that my dad had a crush on when he was a child.

11. My name is just Kathi, not Kathrine, or Kathleen.

12. I have a Vietnamese half-sister, whom I have never met, with the same name. Apparently, that little girl made a very strong impression on my father.

13. I like my hamburgers completely plain, just like I did when I was five.

14. I am chronically overdressed. I love it when fall finally arrives and people in stores do not automatically assume that I am shoplifting.Okay, that has never actually happened, but it could.

15. I have an artsy-fartsy side. I don't give it as much attention as I probably should.

16. Art is the only class that I'm willing to teach at our home school co-op

16. I would consider keeping my hair short if it did not require visits to the hairdresser every six weeks.

17. In middle school I owned a black acid washed denim jacket with glow in the dark skull and cross bones on the back.That is also the year that I attempted to convince a classmate that the devil loved her. I was twelve. Please, don't hate me.

18. I would have been a professional summer camp attender, if it had been an option.

19. My husband and I do not go on enough dates.

20. I like him even even more than summer camp and Christmas cookies. That's saying something.

Okay, that was enough brainless merriment on my end. How about you? Five things we might be surprised to know about you? I'd love for you to share in the comments.

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