Thursday, November 8, 2012

One Smart Cookie

I have been taking a bit of a blogging break this week because my husband thought I might be exhausted, and after fourteen years of marriage, I'm more than willing to admit that he's a verifiable source of information on the subject.

How I don't notice is beyond me, but I don't, and sooner than later I turn rather prickly and begin begging everyone within earshot to put me down for a nap. Sometimes I disguise this as a petition from my three-year-old to have mommy-time, but really, it's just me.

When I was stranded in Harrisburg after the conference last week, my body started doing weird things like getting hungry and sitting just because it could, but since I have been home, my belly hasn't rumbled once, and it isn't because I have been spoiling it.

I just have not had the time to notice it.

Monday was my first day off work since landing safe at the Redmond airport last Wednesday night, and until then I had only seen my husband for a combined total of 3.5 hours in twelve days. 

This is simply no good.

Some things in our life do just drag us along, forcing us to respond, respond, respond, but not everything has to be this way, and I'm trying to locate and weed out the urgency that is self-imposed. 

God gave me a place to rest during Hurricane Sandy, and I believe that he wants me to find that place in my day-to-day too.

This week while I'm not here, I am loving on my latest three chicken pox victims and trying to perform a recovery effort on my house. 

I have even stopped to eat breakfast, and as you can see, my cereal thinks that this is a happy thing, just as much as I do.

I already have posts lined up for next week and I'm hoping to host my first ever give-away. 

Hope that you are all taking time to slow down where you can, too.

See you back here in a couple of days!

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