Monday, December 31, 2012

To New Things

This is the First New Year's Eve that I have had off to spend with my husband in thirteen years--unless, of course, you count last year, when neither one of us had a job, but why on earth would I do that? In fact, I don't even remember December 31st of last year...and not for the same reason most people don't remember it, either.


The last memory that I have of a New Year's Eve spent with my husband involved morning sickness, Doritos, David Letterman (who graced TV that night only because it was 1999), and a cranky me, who did not care what year it was, neighbor, you don't set illegal fireworks off in a crowded neighborhood lined with evergreens, without someone calling the police.

Ahem...times two.

Tonight there will be no morning sickness, but there will junk food, and probably even an a abundance of people given to unintelligent decisions, acting carelessly--which, by the way, is just Webster's way of calling someone stupid.

(Don't look at me, talk to that Webster guy)

I'm kind of excited though, because having the night off means that I'll get to snuggle up next to my husband for a movie night, which happens almost as frequently as the changing of the year, these days. Just for him, I will hold my eyes open until 12:01 am (please, do not take this opportunity to rush off and see how Merriam Webster might insinuate that someone is boring) and we will see the beginning of 2013 together.

As difficult as the year has been, I know that I have an abundance of things to be thankful for. If nothing else, we can all exhale and stare at each in disbelief that we made it through that leg of the race.

Tomorrow is a new day, and a new year. May we all have the wisdom to spend it wisely and in good company.


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