Monday, March 11, 2013

Story Line: About The Link-up

Last week, in between feeling sick-ish and going out of town, I mentioned the idea of getting together on Mondays to write the words and stories that we would like our children to remember.

I was happily surprised by the feedback you guys gave me and now I'm thinking that we should definitely do this thing.


So, for anyone who wants to join in, consider this your head-start for next Monday, March 18th.

I want this to be wide open in terms of style and message. The only real requirement is that your 'audience' is your children.

Maybe you want them to know more about their grandparents, aunts, uncles, or your childhood; anything that could help them give your family context or get to know you better.

Perhaps, you want to record something about them specifically, the way that you remember it.

Is there one last lesson you'd like to squeeze in before they head off to college? Encouragement  for your son and his new bride?

Was there a nugget from your day together, or a characteristic that you see unfolding in them that you really appreciate? Put it into words.

See? The possibilities are wide open.

Next Monday we'll link our posts up back here so that we can find each other and share stories. Easy. Peasy.

See you then!

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