Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Story Line

Cabin fever has set in and it's a cereal kind of night.

I'm feeling scatterbrained though, and I keep finding things other than Kellogg's boxes to look at, to fidget with: bottomless stacks of kids drawings on the counter, an overdue library book that has just recently had the heart to come out of hiding, and a squirrel, whom we've named Fudge, rollicking in the treeline outside the kitchen windows.

It's Monday, my Friday, which in itself is enough to set me up for not knowing exactly whether I'm coming or going, but on top of the normal Mondayness, the kids are restless and I can tell that we're all longing for spring and open doors and windows and the breathing of something new.

Today there's been jumping on couches, sword fights, Legos, and an impromptu soccer game in the back room, with pillows as goalposts and (wait for it...) a bag of feminine hygiene products for a ball.

This is my life.

They even requested worksheets, just because.

Now that it's dinner time, I'm tired from a weekend of night shifts, but their energy is somehow steadily increasing. They are LOUD and so, yes, cereal.

We go through it so quickly. Most of our shopping is done at Costco, and it's hard to beat their prices, but we tire of their selection sometimes. I keep my eyes out for sales at Safeway and tell the kids that if they can find it for $2 a box, they can have it.

This is how my five year-old has discovered Raisin Bran. He's grabbed himself a spaceman bowl from the drawer now, and is waiting.

He's all smiles and I tease that if it were my bowl of cereal, those raisin thingys would have to go.

But do you know who used love Raisin Bran almost as much as you do?

I see an opportunity here.

My eyes direct him to the picture that's sitting next to the windowsill. The one of my dad and I, taken on my wedding day; he in his kilt and I in my gifted dress; we are making funny faces at each other.

Yep, Grandpa Hal LOVED his Raisin Bran. 

He has never met my dad, but I have the opportunity to twine past and present for my children and so I sprinkle their stories in between  E.B. White, Dahl, and Rowling.

Do you miss him?

Crinkling up my nose, I assure him that I do.

And this is how we thread our day of small things to the bigger picture: with funny faces and two dollar boxes of cereal.

This post is linked up with Heather's free-writing exercise JUST WRITE.  

It is also the inspiration behind a new link-up that I'll be hosting here on Mondays, called Your Story Line. 

We will be writing the stories that we want our children to remember. It may be stories about our family, ourselves, or even moments from their own childhood.

I'm excited and would love for you to join us here. Details will be announced in the coming days, so keep checking back.

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