Monday, April 15, 2013


 Most of us have heard incredible stories of lost puppies coming home after being gone over months or years, and possibly distances of hundreds of miles. Well, we at the Denfeld house just recently experienced this very phenomena, and like others before us, we marveled. Our ‘puppy’ first joined my husband’s family on August 20th, 1982. He was a gift from Great-Grandma D. to my husband who was eight. The puppy was loved for a time and then the little boy outgrew him and the little boy’s mom did the right thing by finding him another home.

Well, I like to think this dog must have heard that there were once again little boys in the family because he has returned to our ‘doorstep’ after more than twenty years. His name, in case you have not already guessed, is ‘Poky’ and he was rescued most recently from a thrift store near where my husband grew up and returned to us by a friend of a friend, who recognized the name inside the cover and was thoughtful enough to put the pup on the path back home "over the bridge, up the road, through the meadow, and under the fence" where my husband’s children can love him.

On the surface, this just sounds like a sweet thing to have happen. I would be foolish though to think that this was just coincidence because I know the conversations that I have had with God over the course of this pregnancy. Questions about his timing and my need to control. Conversations that have boiled down my lack of faith in His provision or interest in me; about me refusing to step out and allow God the opportunity to provide in ways that make no earthly sense, but are in accord with his timing and His economy. There was a time that I lived what I said I believed and I truly knew what it was to rest in Him. That time seems like too long ago.

This reunion has caused me to think that I want to be like Poky. True, I was not given away, but I did sort of wander off. God is reminding me that his timing is perfect. He does not act prematurely, nor is he slack concerning his promises. He knows where I have been all along, and now I am being returned to where I belong-- home to the one who first loved me.

***A VERY important note: I am NOT pregnant. This very special incident occurred a few years ago after one of my last pegnancies, and I wanted to share it in honor of Great-Grandma Denfeld's 90th birthday this weekend. Again, just to be clear, there is no need to send my inlaws into a panic.

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