Monday, July 22, 2013

This is Where I Derail

Several weeks ago Ashliegh Baker had this fantastic post circulating, about the way we've complicate our writing. She points out "how we have become stuck, silenced by our own fear and the pressing expectations to create stellar share-able content, to catch eyes and make it all mean something" when reality is, nobody has life-changing thoughts every day. She issues a call to "return to old-fashioned blogging in which we do life and share simple realities, the open parts, the hard and the lovely."

I just adore this.

These are some of my simple realities lately.

{Be prepared for some babble, just as I promised.}

Seven Quick Takes:

1. My husband, Steve, and I like to joke that we collect people. A few months after we were married my niece came to live with us. An old friend from high school has a bungalow in our back yard (or do we have a house in his front yard, given that he was here first?). Somewhere along the line, five kids showed up and started calling us 'mom' and 'dad'. This week we are adding my mom to our assemblage.

She has been finding homes for her kitties (that's a big deal) in order to come and live with us and we are both proud of her and looking forward to having her around.

I'm expecting that it might be a little like that first year of marriage where one party is like, the toilet paper is hanging the wrong way, and the other person is all, it's totally NOT, but I think we can handle that.

2. I don't settle into places well-- I have lost the ability to get fully moved in. We have made our latest house home for more than a year now, and it's the same story. Maybe it's because we have moved so many times in the past couple of years since losing our house that I'm now on high alert, but  I am trying to fix that this summer. I'd like my home to be a refuge for all those people we have collected, after all.

So I have been busy trying to find places for everything, painting furniture, and doing important things like, you know, contact papering our refrigerator.

That's important, right?

If I go missing again, you can come looking for me under all of my piles and unfinished projects.

3. Birthdays! Birthdays! Birthdays! Summer is full of birthdays in our family. In July we celebrated my mom, my husband, The Bungalow Dweller, and my newly minted six year-old. Then, in August, my oldest will turn thirteen. Lord-help-me!

4. And speaking of Birthdays, I actually pulled off a Minion cake! Whuut!? Need I say more?

5. Would you believe that those other people mentioned above aren't the only ones getting older? Just to prove the point, my 20th high school reunion had the nerve of showing up last weekend and I was like, surely you are pointing that finger at somebody else!? 

But no.

It was a nice time and there were some people there that I seriously needed to hug, so feeling old wasn't a bad price to pay. I liked our graduating class; never too cliquey. It was a good thing. 

6. This is where I derail. I'm truly on a tangent here, which is why it's a good thing I'm only permitted seven of these things, but, my spell-check is having serious trouble keeping up with me when I use words like 'texted' and 'internet' and 'barista' and 'Looney Bean'. Clearly, it's never had to leave the kids behind with the husband in search of a coffee shop with free wi-fi (oh! there's another one!), just to write a blathering post before.

Get with the times, Spell Check.

7. I just have to tell you this.Do remember in my last post where I bemoaned that the world was conspiring against my ability to put in any writing time? I'd finally snuck out, just to have the internet crash, and was headed to the library?  

Sure bet, right? 

Well, I stayed and was able to get these last two posts written, but before I left, the husband sent me this:

The library and entire block evacuated!

The what?

Turns out it was a 'novelty bike lock' fashioned to look like a hand grenade that they believe might have fallen out of somebody's backpack, but whew!  I might have just gone into hiding, certain that I was destined never to write again, after that.

As it is, I'm just content with the free cinnamon roll and ambling post I got out of the deal.

How about you? Contact papered or baked anything lately? Got any tried and true tips for taking yourself less seriously? I'd love to hear about your crazy ordinary...or is that ordinary crazy?

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