Hi There!

Welcome to lol•ly•gag, a place where I practice gratitude for the good things in my life.

My name is Kathi. I am wife to my picture-taking, somewhat-fuzzy, motorcycle-riding man and the homeschooling mom of five hilarious children whom I enjoy immensely. We are currently making our home in the beautiful state of Oregon but dream of one day adventuring with our brood.

If my family and friends were asked to describe me, the first thing they would likely tell you is that I chew more than my fair share of ice cubes. So sorry, it just recently occurred to me how loud this is for those around me but I find it most soothing and also, crushing it with a hammer first is kinda fun!

They might also mention that:

  • I like to read from the back to the front of magazines and from the bottom to the top of lists.
  • I think words are fun.
  • I can't say the word 'paramecium' without giggling and tend to think that it should be used to label something much more humorous.
  • Autumn is my favorite season
  • I think reading out-loud to my kids is heaven.
  • I thought I would marry a city-boy.
  • I did NOT marry a city-boy.
  • I like to make things with what I have on hand.
  • Dinner is not one of those things.
  • I admire genuine people and a good front porch.
  • I have a misspelled tattoo.
  • My hypersensitive nose is my super-power.
  • I do not feel that my cell-phone is always entitled to an answer.
  • People fascinate me. I think Two Truths and a Lie is one of the best.games.ever!
  • I could once give you an extensive list about why I would never homeschool.
  • Homeschooling has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.
  • Clutter makes me feel kinda noisy inside.
  • Silence does me good.
  • I have five kids who spend a lot of time living in my house, so I do not get to be very picky about either of the previous two things on my list.
  • I totally, in a geeky sort-of-way, dig Harry Potter.
  • I would like to learn how to use a camera to tell stories.
  • People who live their lives as if they fully believe Jesus was who he claimed to be inspire me.
  • I would like my kids to say the same about me when my days are done.

I would love for you to stick around and make yourself comfortable.

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